BP Medical Claims and Corexit

corexitCorexit was once thought to be the solution to clean up spreading slick but its toxic nature has worsened the situation and has led to big losses.

Due to the side effect of BP oil spill a federal judges supervising the BP spill gave a final medical statement to any worker or volunteer who fell sick due to this drug. The medicine settlement fund carter for the loss incurred in properties and economical losses.

If one is filling medical settlement claim he has to prove that he was not only exposed to oil and dispersant, but must show that this exposure was their cause of illness the symptoms include skin irritation, headache, respiratory problems and flu also any one suffering an injury as result of engaging on cleaning activities also can benefit from the terms of settlement of this medicine.

For one to prove his/her BP settlement claims to prove your BP medical have fast to be exposed in order to qualify, some of the question one has to ask himself or herself is:

1 Have I ever lived near the beach where the USCG and BP were dropping coexist?

2 Have I ever gone to watch a plane drop corexit?

3 Was I outside at the time corexit was dropped?

4 was I outside at the time of clean up?

5 Did I work on clean up?

If the answer is yes you need blood test to justify this if then you test positive for hydro-carbon and/ benzene exposure you can qualify for BP medical settlement claims. You should make a contact by filing a BP medical claim.

A mixture of crude oil and corexit is more toxic than either a lone, the properties that enables the movement of dispersant in oil make it easier for it to move though cell wall, membranes that give protection to vital organs and skin.

One of the reason as to why the cleanup workers should be compensated is that despite warnings in BP’S manual guide the company went ahead to disrespect this and in turn failed to protect the cleanup workers thus exposing them to this toxic Corexit, the should therefore pay for their negligence .

Previous Warning on Corexit Disregarded

The occupational safety and Health Department has a highly training safety program but the cleanup workers were not taken though this training to prevent themselves from this toxic corexit, this was a mistake and the company should be answerable to this.

Despite the fact that the government had banned diving activities during the spill as result of health hazard the divers were given assurance that it was safe and no need of extra protection hence exposing themselves to toxic corexit this was also a mistake done.

The BP the federal government discouraged the cleanup workers in wearing protective respiratory devices fearing for public image they made threat to those who put on this protection this by far exposed the worker to toxic corexit therefore both the FEDRAL GOVERNMENT and BP should be answerable to this.

According to result obtained from witness interviewed it is clear that the federal government and the BP were negligence and should be accountable of their mistakes.

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